Motor Vehicle Permits

In October 2022, the Board of Park Commissioners voted to remove Motor Vehicle Permits (MVPs) as a requirement for both Butler County residents and out of county visitors beginning January 1, 2023. An estimated 1.3 million park visits were made in 2021, and that number continues to climb. MetroParks is committed to making greenspaces more accessible for all, and eliminating MVPs will help more people create memories in the parks!

MetroParks will implement parking fees for attendees of Athletic Complex events held at Voice of America MetroPark and at some special events held in the parks that are executed by external organizations beginning in 2023.

Questions or comments regarding MVPs should be directed to MetroParks' Visitor Services team at 513.867.5835 or email

2023 Special Event Parking Fee Policy
2023 Special Event Parking Fees

Voice of America MetroPark Athletic Complex Tournament and Special Event FAQ's:

1. Where can I get my Parking Pass?
Parking Passes will only be sold day-of at the event entrance. Please plan to arrive early to purchase your pass.

2. What forms of payment will be accepted?
MetroParks' third-party parking company accepts both cash and credit cards. Please have your payment ready before you arrive at front of the line.

3. What types of Parking Passes will be available for purchase?
Customers can purchase a multi-day pass to access all days of an event (ex: a three-day tournament). Single-day passes are also available.

4. If we leave the Special Event and then want to re-enter the same day, will we be charged again?
You will not be charged twice. A pass will be issued upon payment. Please place the pass on your car dashboard for re-entry.

5. Is there a separate rate for bus parking?
Unless otherwise noted, there is no separate rate for bus parking. Busses will need to purchase a single-day or multi-day pass.

6. Where should buses park?
Buses should park in the Gray Lot. The Gray Lot is located behind Field 25 near the Cricket Fields.

7. Where can I enter the park for my Special Event?
Unless otherwise noted, all participants should enter Voice of America MetroPark from Cox Road. The Butler-Warren gate will be open as a park exit only. 

To ensure the safety of all participants and spectators, please remain in your car until parked.