Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Are looking for new way to explore the outdoors?  Well then, at MetroParks, you are in the right place! All you have to do is Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Nature related topics, crafts, activities and ways to enjoy the outdoors will be shared in the links below and on the MetroParks of Butler County Facebook page! Check back often and/or follow us to make sure you don't miss a thing! All posts will include things you can do at MetroParks locations and most can even be done in your own backyard! 

Send pictures or share your findings & completed activities to Programs@YourMetroParks.net or tag them on social media with #PixInMPX or #NatureDelivered. Then come back for the next challenge. Don't worry if you miss a day. Find all of MetroParks ideas right here on this page. Once you check out the idea for fun it's simple Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

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