Log Off...Shut Down...Get Outside!

Animal Speed vs Human Speed

Ever wonder how fast you are compared to some of the animals you might see in the parks? Speed is relative and we're not talking about your fastest family member, either. Today, let's exclude animals that fly or swim and just focus on those that run on legs.

We can't see the potential speed of Friends of MetroParks volunteer, Mrs. Tutas's, greyhounds as they elegantly walk around Rentschler Forest MetroPark on their 6 foot leashes. However, these dogs can reach top speeds of almost 40 mph.

greyhound 2

The Dutch rabbit at Chrisholm Historic Farmstead can reach 35 mph over a short distance. Let's hope the farm staff and volunteers never have to chase him because even a fast human runner tops out at around 18 mph.

Dutch Rabbit on straw

If this holds true, our top human athlete should be able to catch an Eastern Grey Squirrel that runs along at 12 mph. However, a person won't stand a chance if the squirrel gets to a tree, right?


Thankfully, if needed, the farm staff and volunteers can round up the chickens who sporadically run at 9 mph, albeit ungracefully at times.


Find a grassy field at one of the parks and pick a start and ending location. Ask a family member to time you and see how fast you can run. Compare the times of all your family members and congratulate everyone for being outdoors and getting exercise.