Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Changeable Mantleslug

It's time for the Mystery Monday reveal!

Yesterday's mystery creature that left trails in the algae was indeed... a slug!



This hungry, native slug is the Changeable Mantleslug (Megapallifera mutabilis. Their main sources of food include algae, lichen, and fungi, which explains why our friend here decided to pay a visit! These air-breathing slugs live in wooded habitats, and can also be found in more urban and suburban areas as long as there are plenty of trees to provide the food and moisture it needs to survive. With all the rain we've had for much of this summer, it's no wonder our friend here ventured out from the trees!

Have you ever left your own trail before? When animals leave trails, or tracks behind? You can often use them to figure out who's been visiting the area! Mud and snow are good places to search for tracks, or in this case--algae!

Join us next Monday for another weekly mystery!