Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Compost Critters

Learn about worms and other compost chums and see if you can find them in the parks using the Compost Critters Worksheet. Remember to look down, no, really look down when you are outside and enjoying any of the 11 MetroParks of Butler County locations.

These compost chums can be found above ground on wet days and below ground on dry days. Did you know earthworms have a perpetual pout? When the worm crawls around and finds a bit of organic material such as a blade of grass, it grabs it with it's lower lip and carries it to its burrow. Ever look at a worm up close? Really close? Each of their little segments are covered with hairs which helps them move through the soil that is filled with sand, roots and other materials.

There is nothing cuter than a baby worm hatching from its egg. They are white in color until they eat their first organic material meal. Think of our compost chums as an eating tube - food in one end and compost out the other end. Worms and other decomposers like beetles, slugs, roly poly bugs and spiders play a very important role in breaking down organic material. This compost enriches our soil so our plants can grow. We need plants for a healthy diet and don't forget our oxygen to breathe!

Compost Critter Can You Find Me