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Endangered Species Day

Did you know that in Ohio alone, there are 125 state-listed endangered animal species? Unfortunately, that’s a lot!

Today is Endangered Species Day. First established in 2006, Endangered Species Day is meant to celebrate these species, learn about them, spread awareness, and take action to protect them.

A few of our state-listed endangered species that can be found here in Butler County include: the Cave Salamander, Northern Harrier, and Water Penny Beetle, according to ODNR’s Division of Wildlife.

Some federally-listed endangered species that can be found in Butler County include: the Indiana Bat, Rayed Bean (an aquatic mussel), and the Running Buffalo Clover (a flowering plant), according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.



The Endangered Species Act is a law passed in 1973 that protects at-risk species from extinction. 99% of the species listed on it have avoided extinction. One such animal that has had an incredible recovery, is the Bald Eagle. Populations in Ohio went from 4 breeding pairs in 1979, to 707 nests in 2020!

If you’d like to learn more about Ohio’s endangered and other listed species, download the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s Ohio Listed Species Guide.