Log Off…Shut Down…Get Outside!

Gray Tree Frog

What can leap across a puddle, jump over a log or bound up a tall tree? A Gray Tree Frog, of course. Know what else it can do? Climb a window without falling off! How is this possible? It has highly adapted toe tips for climbing. The enlarged tip of each digit has a combination of soft, rubbery cells and mucus. Who would have thought a snot like substance would help a frog to defy gravity? No toe washing needed either because these toe pads are self-cleaning!

Gray Tree Frogs occur in woods, wetlands and even backyards in Butler County, Ohio. Another cool fact is they can change colors in response to their environment and activities. These colors range from green – gray – brown with a blotchy pattern that resembles lichen. Unlike most frogs, their skin is warty and coarse feeling. The upper surfaces on their legs have a dark banded pattern which contrasts starkly with the yellow/orange undersides. This bright coloration is a warning for predators not to eat them.

Have you heard the loud musical call from the male frogs that can go on and on for hours? They use their loud call to establish breeding territories and find a mate from April through August. The female frog can deposit 1,000-2,000 eggs in water in small clusters. As with most frogs, the eggs hatch and tiny tadpoles grow into adult frogs and then leave the water.

What is on the Gray Tree Frog’s dinner menu? How about some delicious insects, amphibian larvae, invertebrates and even other frogs. “It is a frog eat frog world out there”. Even with their excellent camouflage and superb mobile ability, they have predators too, such as small mammals, snakes and birds.

Enjoy decorating your own paper Tree Frog and having a race to see which one reaches the finish line first.

Meet an Eastern Box Turtle tomorrow!


Gray Tree Frog
Tree Frog Craft finish line picture
Gray Tree Frog Paper Pattern