Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside! 

Great Horned Owl

Exciting news for birders of all levels! A Great Horned Owl has nested at Gilmore MetroPark. Two owlets have emerged from the nest and have been spotted in nearby trees.

The Great Horned Owl is most recognizable because of their size, ranging from 18-25 inches tall, and “ear tufts” on their heads. But did you know that those are not ears at all? Their ears are actually located on the sides of their heads, just behind their eyes. Another fun fact is that the Great Horned Owl can rotate its head about 270 degrees. Now why would they need to do so? Because their eyes have very limited mobility. Rotating their heads almost all the way around allows them to see in many directions.

Owlets, the name for baby owls, are covered in fluffy downy feathers. They remain in the nest for the first 6 weeks and then begin to venture out to branches close-by. Owlets begin to fly around 7 weeks old and can fly well at around 9 – 10 weeks old.

Zoom in on the photo below to see if you can spot the Great Horned Owl in the nest. Visit Gilmore MetroPark located at 7950 Gilmore Road in Hamilton. Don’t forget your camera! Share photos of the owls and the many other birds that you will find there!

Birding is a great activity to do from a social distance for your protection, for that of your fellow birders and of course to protect birds themselves!

Great Horned Owl