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Red-tailed Hawk

One of the most well-known, large hawks in North America, the Red-Tailed Hawk, has been spotted recently at Voice of America MetroPark. Just like the hawks pictured at VOA below, they are commonly seen perched on roadside signs or poles or flying over fields and woods. 

Hawk on VOA Sign

Soaring is effortless for this bird, due to their bulky and broad-winged shape.  Red-tailed Hawks usually weigh up to 2 – 4 pounds.  Females are about 1/3 larger than males and have a wingspan of 56 inches. While they are known for their reddish tail, the coloring in the rest of their feathers can vary from one hawk to another.

Hawk at VOA 12.2020

If someone ever tells you that you have eyes like a hawk, your eyesight must be pretty amazing!  Red-tailed hawk’s eyesight is 8 times as powerful as a human. This trait is helpful as they hunt for the small rodents that make up 85-90% of their diet.

Look up the next time you are at Voice of America and all of the MetroParks of Butler County locations to see if you can spot one of these beautiful birds!

Thanks to John Barber and Matt Latham for sharing the photos!