Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Part 1

What is that bird swooping through the air? It may be one of five species of Swallows that breed throughout MetroParks of Butler County. Let's take a closer look at the most common species in this first part of a two part series. The most wide-spread species is the Barn Swallow. As its name implies, it is comfortable nesting in man-made structures, such as barns and shelters. An easy way to identify this bird, besides the blue upper parts, copper neck and long wings, is it's deeply forked tail. Their cup-shaped nest is made from mud pellets gathered and constructed with their beaks.

The second species we would like to highlight today is the Tree Swallow. It is common in open country with water nearby. Because it build its nests in cavities, these birds do well raising their babies in man-made nest boxes. A baby Tree Swallow gets to rest on feathers placed in the nest by its parents. This beautiful swallow can be identified by it's blue/green feathers and bright white underbelly.

Let us know where you see these fast flyers and thank them for helping us keep the insect population under control.

barn swallow nest with babies
tree swallow male and female.jpg resized
tree swallow in nestbox