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World Migratory Bird Day

Birds seem to have im-peck-able timing, don’t they?

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th, is World Migratory Bird Day! Many species of birds migrate from the United States and Canada, to Central and South American countries and back during different times of the year. But why do they migrate? First, let’s think about what many birds eat—insects and fruits. Neither of these food sources can be found in majority of the United States and in Canada during the cold, winter months. So, what’s a bird to do? Find the food! Their food during these months lies in countries in the Southern Hemisphere. And so, that’s where they migrate to when the temperatures start to drop, and the days start to shorten.

Migratory Bird Day

Second, what brings them north again? As trees begin to leaf out in the spring, days lengthen once again, and insects become more plentiful, this creates the perfect breeding grounds for these long-distance migratory birds. The United States and Canada provide excellent habitats for birds to raise their young. Most of these migratory birds will stay until the fall begins, and the migratory cycle repeats again.

How will you celebrate World Migratory Bird Day? Play a migratory bird game on the National Audubon Society’s website.