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Strawberry Moon

Tonight will be the last super full moon of the year! This moon is called the Strawberry Moon. 

This year's Strawberry Moon will reach peak illumination at 2:40pm, but won't be visible to us until the sun sets and the moon rises later this evening around 9:30pm.

Look to the sky this evening for the super full Strawberry Moon! You don't want to miss it!


From our archives ... Here's what was shared about this moon last year!

It's harvest time... or at least that’s what tonight’s full moon represents! The Strawberry Moon, does not get its name from its color. So where did the first full moon in June get its name?

The Algonquin tribes used the June full moon as a signal of the time to gather their strawberry harvests. Wild strawberries start to ripen during the month of June.  The Virginia strawberry, also known as Mountain strawberry or Common strawberry, grows naturally in the United States.  They can be found in sunny spots on trailsides, dry fields and at the edges of woodlands. 

Watch for the full moon this evening – the last full moon of the Spring of 2020!  Moonrise will take place in our area at 9:09 p.m.  Take a look a few hours later?  How does it look different?

Strawberry Moon
Wild Strawberry