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Full Moon Series
Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon Moon, August's first and only full moon, will occur tonight!  The Sturgeon Moon was named by fishing tribes as giant sturgeons we most often caught in the Great Lakes during this part of the summer. The August full moon is also known as the Full Red Moon as it may rise with a reddish tint.  

Sturgeon Moon

Sturgeons, appropriately named with a word meaning "the stirrer", stir up mud and silt on the bottom of rivers and lakes looking for food.  There are 29 species of this prehistoric-looking fish worldwide. 


While you're not very likely to see a sturgeon swimming in bodies of water in our region, you most definitely will be able to see the Sturgeon Moon tonight.  Moonrise will take place in our area at 9:15 p.m.  Take a look a few hours later?  How does it look different?