Log Off… Shut Down… Get Outside!

Cloud Gazing

The weather is warming up, the sun is shining (most days), and the clouds are on full display! Slow down this weekend and take a look towards the sky.

Clouds can tell us many things about the weather. The direction the clouds are moving can show us which direction weather is coming from, and the type of clouds in the sky can tell us what weather to expect. Even the color of the clouds tells us how much water vapor is in the sky. The more water vapor is in the cloud, the darker the cloud becomes as less light can travel through it. And therefore, the likelier it is to rain!



After a long week, take the time to breathe, slow down, and let your mind relax. Cloud Gazing is a simple way to be present in the moment. Go outside this weekend with a friend or family member and try to find shapes in the sky. Compare what you see, and let your imagination flow!

What do you see in the picture above? Does anything stand out to you? Let us know!