Log Off...Shut...Get Outside!


What is that "horn" basket filled with vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese we see around the holidays? It is called a cornucopia which translates from Latin as "horn of plenty".


It is believed to represent the horn of a goat from Greek mythology. According to the legend, it was from this horn that Zeus was fed as an infant. Later, the horn was filled with flowers and fruits and given as a present to Zeus. This special shape ornament has long served as a traditional symbol in art and decorations to suggest "abundance". Some of our renters at the MetroParks Middletown Community Gardens can fill their cornucopias with produce this fall!

Here is a fun activity for all members of the family to enjoy.


1. Print coloring pages via the links below

2. Color the cornucopia

3. Color and cut out fruits and vegetables page OR find magazines and cut out pictures and glue them to the horn of plenty



Make it a scavenger hunt!

1. Print off several pages of the fruit and vegetables

2. Cut out, organize how you would like them and put in paper bags

3. Don't forget to put an example of what is inside the bag on the front of the bag

4. Place the bags outside in your yard or a fun area in the park or if inclement weather...inside your house. Enjoy the hunt to find all the fruits and vegetables to color and glue to the cornucopia.


cornucopia bags for scavenger hunt