Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Mud Painting

Last night's rain offers a creative way to be involved with nature. Your mission today is to create a painting. But not just any painting...a muddy masterpiece! That's right, today we're creating mud paintings at home!

Follow along with these steps to get the dirt on how to make your creation.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You'll need: paper, a plate (something to put your collected mud on), a trowel (or other digging tool - a spoon even!), something to contain the mud-tastic mess (I used a towel, but newspaper is also a good option), any outdoor gear you'd like to wear, and most importantly - YOU!

Step 2: Get Outside! Gather your mud samples. Try different areas of your yard to get different colors and different consistencies. A little bit of each goes a long way!
Remember that digging up mud at the parks is not permitted.

Step 3: Once you're set up and ready with your mud palette, it's time to create your work of art! You hands are the only painting tools you'll need.

Step 4: Share your mudsterpiece with us! Copy& paste your picture in the comments below.

We hope you had a muddy good time!

Mud Painting