Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Gilmore MetroPark Pond Challenge

Welcome back for the last of the 2020 Creeking in the Parks Series hosted by MetroParks of Butler County and Butler Soil & Water Conservation District! Instead of the usual creeking program where we look for life in the creek, today's challenge is to use your senses at Gilmore MetroPark to find out what you might in the various habitats there.

Use the Gilmore MetroPark Trail Map to hike the Wetlands Trail along with your senses of sight and hearing to discover as many of the items on the Challenge PDF available below.

We hope you have enjoyed this year's series brought to you virtually and that you've visited many creeks with your family!  Creek visits shared throughout the series can be found along with all of the other Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside topics posted here!

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