Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Earth Day - April 22nd

This Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day! This year is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, a holiday which promotes environmental awareness and action. The annual holiday first began in 1970 with more than 20 million people protesting for environmental protection. These actions led to the founding of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) later that same year, as well as the Clean Water Act, which was established in 1972.



“Restore Our Earth” is this year’s Earth Day theme. One great way that we can restore our local habitats is by picking up litter on the ground. When garbage is not disposed of properly, it contaminates our water and soil, harms wildlife, and takes away from Ohio’s natural beauty.

If you see litter in your neighborhood, we encourage you to Restore Our Earth and do your part! A cleaner environment is good for all.

What else can you do for Mother Earth on this year’s Earth Day? Stay tuned this week to find out each day, something that you can do for the planet.