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Family Fun Fridays
Sponge Ball Water Games

It's time once again for Family Fun Friday brought to you virtually by MetroParks of Butler County, Butler Soil and Water Conservation District, and Ohio State University Extension. Throughout this weekly series, we will share a topic, explore a park, create a craft, or play a game!

Beat the heat with backyard water games! Whether you make it a challenge with kids vs adults or mix up the teams, fun can be had by all with just a few simple supplies.  Easy to make sponge balls are a great alternative to water balloons!  Add a bucket of water, a few backyard toys and the list of games to be played are endless.  Make them at home with the directions below and share your favorite way to use them to cool off!

Games to Play

Sponge Ball Toss

Dip the sponge ball into a bucket of water. Toss it to your partner and repeat.  Do you get more wet if you catch it or if it hits the ground at your feet?

Sponge Baseball

Use a wiffle ball bat to see just how far you can hit a wet sponge ball.  Who gets more wet? The batter or the pitcher?

Sponge Ball Battle

Stand behind a bucket full of water while your partner tries to toss sponge balls into the bucket.  Each ball that lands in the bucket scores one point and causes a splash.  Trade sides and see who can score the most points.

Sponge Balls


Soft Sponges, 2 for each ball


1) Cut sponges crosswise into 4 strips
2) Lay 2 strips side by side and stack 3 layers on top
3) Tie string around the center of the stack and knot it tightly
4) Cut off the excess string
5) Fluff & fan the sponge pieces to shape into a ball
6) Repeat with as many sponges as you have
7) Drop sponge balls into a bucket of water and let the fun begin!

Sponge Ball Craft 1
Sponge Ball Craft 2
Sponge Ball Craft 3