Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Alsdorf Windmill

The Alsdorf windmill at Chrisholm Historic Farmstead MetroPark has been running at full power lately! With all the wind and weather, we have been getting in recent weeks, this windmill is sure getting its workout!



This windmill is a Model 602 produced by the Aeromotor Company of Chicago, Illinois. This specific windmill was manufactured sometime between 1916 and 1919, making it over 100 years old!

The name “windmill” comes from one of the original uses of these machines—turning grain into flour by a process called “milling.” The job of windmills like the one at Chrisholm MetroPark is to pump water and can be used to provide water for farm animals. The Friends of Chrisholm purchased the windmill from the Alsdorf Family in 2011, which is why it is named as it is.

Take a minute of your day to watch the windmill spin the in the wind in the video below!

Visit the farmstead to learn more about the windmill, play on the Farmscape play area, visit with farm animals, walk through the beautiful garden area, and check out the historic Augspurger Amish-Mennonite home! Educational programming takes place twice a week, Thursdays & Sundays every week here at Chrisholm MetroPark (except for holidays). Visit YourMetroParks.net/programs to see what programs are coming up!