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Australorpe Chickens

Do you know what animal is black AND iridescent at Chrisholm Historic Farmstead? It is our Australorpe hen. This beautiful chicken breed originated from Australia. It became very popular in the 1920’s because several Australorpe hens broke the world record for number of eggs laid in one year. Today, farmers raise them for egg-laying and meat birds, so they are considered to be a dual breed.

Australorpe being held

See the picture below of the Australorpe chicks? Notice the different colors and patterns? Many young domestic and wild bird species have different colors than their parents. These colors and patterns help them blend in with their environment, which is called camouflage.

Australorpe chick image

Our Australorpe hen is shy but ventures out for her special treats such as corn, sunflower seeds, peas, mealworms, watermelon and blueberries. Sounds like she enjoys a variety of tasty treats along with her daily chicken feed.

Try this fun recipe for a healthy trail mix that you can make to celebrate the end of summer with your family.

trail mix snack recipe