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Chickens on the Farm

Haven't seen the chickens at Chrisholm Historic Farmstead at 2070 Woodsdale Road, Trenton OH 45067 lately? Come on out and visit with them under the side of the red bank barn.

Today's post is about our two Golden Sebright Bantam hens. Bantam means miniature. Even though they are much smaller than a standard chicken, all of our bantams are full grown at Chrisholm. The Sebrights are a British breed of a true bantam and therefore don't have a corresponding large version.

Sebrights usually only weigh 20-22 ounces. They do not have any feathers on their beautiful slate-blue colored legs. Besides the unique coloring and scalloped edge feathers, this breed displays an usual feature in the males. Roosters are "hen-feathered". This means they don't display typical rooster feather characteristics such as long, sickle shaped feathers in the tail, neck and saddle area. Why is this interesting? This mutation is used to study specific hormones. The tissues of their skin convert an unusually large amount of male hormones into female hormones. We only have hens at the farm but the picture below shows an example of a hen and rooster.  

Have fun drawing a chicken with the step by step instructions shared below. Bring your picture to the Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and compare it to those living there!

Don't miss tomorrow's Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside! post where photographer Susan Milinkovich will share tips for water composition and water reflections!

Sebright male and female
bantams at Chrisholm
Drawing a chicken