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Cuckoo Maran Chickens

Cuckoos on the farm and we aren’t talking about the Yellow-billed or Black-billed ones. We have two Cuckoo Maran chickens that live at Chrisholm MetroPark's Historic Farmstead. These hens are sisters and are over two years old. Marans come in several different colors but our Cuckoos are black and white. They have a similar pattern to the Barred Plymouth Rock breed. One has yellow legs and one has white legs.

cuckoo maran adult

They have lived at Chrisholm MetroPark's Historic Farmstead since they were just a few days old. See how adorable they were in the picture below. These birds are raised by farmers as a dual-purpose breed, both for meat and egg-laying. Our two Cuckoos are the heaviest chickens that reside at the farm. They also lay beautiful large chocolate-brown eggs, which is one of the reasons that Cuckoo Marans are so popular. Sometimes they lay an egg with a darker speckling effect on the shell, too.

cuckoo  maran chick image

This standard size breed was developed in France. This is the same country that the Augspurger family came from over 200 hundreds years ago to Butler County, Ohio.

Can you think of any other black and white animals that might live in our parks? See some suggestions below and add your own too. How many can you spot while in the parks? Remember, to always observe wildlife from a safe distance so as not to disturb their environment.Black and white animals for log off Cuckoo MarransClick to Print