Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

National Trails Day - June 5, 2021

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 5th is National Trails Day. This annual holiday takes place on the first Saturday in June for the purpose of advocating for and appreciating public lands and trails.

Spending time in nature has been proven to be beneficial. Hiking in particular is a great way to improve health—both physical and mental. Whether you’re hiking on National Trails Day, or any day, nature is available to all at the MetroParks of Butler County!



Do you plan on hitting the trails tomorrow to celebrate? Here are 3 brand new MetroPark trails and locations to check out!

Governor Bebb MetroPark – The Discovery Ridge Trail, reopen with a new name, provides hikers familiar views of the ridge and now features a new vista overlooking beautiful Dry Fork Creek Valley.

Antenen Preserve Area of Four-Mile Creek MetroPark - The New Creek Access Trail accessing Four Mile Creek replaces an old trail that has washed out frequently in past years. Stroll under the canopy of sycamore trees and amid the covered ground consisting of wild ginger, mayapples and trilliums on your way to the open water.

Mill Race Preserve Area of Four-Mile Creek MetroPark - Visit this now open park area which offers 2 miles of hiking through meadows and wooded stream corridors along Four Mile Creek.

Trail maps for these, and all MetroPark locations, can be found on each of the park pages.

Where will you hike to celebrate National Trails Day?