Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Rentschler Forest MetroPark's Reigart Road Area

Thanks to Orienteering Cincinnati for orienteering opportunities at MetroPark's of Butler County! 

Are you looking for a new adventure? Go orienteering at Rentschler Forest MetroPark's Reigart Road Area! The skill of finding your way through a series of checkpoints using a map is an activity for all ages & skill levels. Follow a map, make wise decisions using natural features like trees, creeks, bridges and more, choose the right path and find a series of checkpoints.  On the course at Rentschler Forest those control points are thin white PVC posts about 1 meter tall with an orange marking on top.  Find them in order or any order you choose!

A permanent course is also available at Governor Bebb MetroPark.  Print orienteering maps for both locations below!

Watch the ParkQuest link at OCIN.org for more courses to come!