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Button Bush

Have you seen the white, fuzzy button-looking flower growing along some of our waterways? This special bush is native to Eastern and Southern NA so it calls the wetlands and floodplains in MetroParks of Butler County home. It is in bloom at Gilmore MetroPark and other MetroPark locations.  Fun nicknames they are sometimes called are button-willow and honey-bells. Know what it is yet? Button Bush, Cephalanthus occidentalis.

Button Bush hummingbird

The fragrant, round flower clusters are blooming by mid to late summer and attract pollinators such as insects and hummingbirds. The Button Bush can bear flowers over an extended period which benefits many pollinators in our wetlands.


The angular nutlets or fruit are shaped like a top and come in a range of colors from red, pink to brown. Several bird species utilize this fruit to help them survive the long winter season. Guess who tends to flock towards these fruits? The Mallard Duck!

Button Bush fruit

Got any large buttons laying around the house? See the instructions below to make a simple, fun button spinner.

Button spinners