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Common Milkweed

So much of life is synchrony. Have you noticed these oval leaves in the first photo popping up in MetroParks of Butler County? These photosynthesizing buffets are only a few inches tall right now. A weed to many people and it even has "weed" in its name. But in just a little over one month's time, they will play host to an incredible diversity of insects.

During the hot summer months, we can only estimate how many species of insects will drink their pollen and chew on their leaves? A lot. But there is one insect species for which this plant is required. Without it, they cannot survive. Right now these insects are 2000 miles away and will never have the chance to see our plants in Butler County, Ohio. They will be long dead by the time our local flowers bloom. Their children won't see them either. By the time late summer rolls around, the song of cicadas will fill the air and these plants will be 7 to 8 feet tall. And for the grandchildren of those insects alive right now, they will be ready. Hear hear for the mighty but Common Milkweed.

Keep visiting your favorite patch of milkweed to observe the changes that will occur over the next few months.

common milkweed and monarch
Common milkweed insects