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Eastern Redbud Trees

'Tis the season for the blooms of the Eastern Redbud tree! Have you seen these beautiful purple blossoms in the MetroParks, in your neighborhood, or as you drive?



Native to Ohio and the eastern half of the United States, this common deciduous tree is in the legume, or bean family. If you take a look at their seed pods, do they remind you of any vegetables you might enjoy eating? Look for these fruiting pods starting to grow by late spring! They are green during the warmer months, but by fall will begin to turn brown as they mature.


Besides blooms and fruits, another great way to identify an Eastern Redbud tree is by their leaves, which are heart-shaped and alternate on their branches. The leaves will begin to grow after flowering occurs, so look for these heart shapes in the parks beginning in the early summertime!

In the meantime, enjoy these pretty, floral, springtime blooms while they’re still here! If you spot any and wish to share with us, tag them with #PixInMPX and #NatureDelivered or email them to Programs@YourMetroParks.net.