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Eastern Redbud Trees Part 2

How are the Eastern Redbud trees doing? We shared information about their beautiful purple springtime blooms in April. Let’s check in to see what they’re doing now!

The spring flowers are now long gone, and in their place are the Eastern Redbud’s bean-like pods—a characteristic of the bean family that these trees belong to. The seeds in the pods are eaten by birds and many other native wildlife once they have ripened, which will happen by autumn time. Not only are the pods hanging off the tree’s branches, but they can also hang from the trunk if flowers grew there during the springtime. Look at the photos here to see the pods on both the branches and the tree trunk.

Also this summer, the Eastern Redbud’s heart-shaped leaves are out in full force! Often times when the tree is partially shaded, it will grow with branches and leaves leaning towards the sunlight.

Can you find an Eastern Redbud tree in a MetroPark or in your neighborhood? Use the leaves and seed pods this summer to help in identifying it!