Log Off… Shut Down… Get Outside!

Sassafras Sapling

Did you check out yesterday’s Mystery Monday clues?

If you took a guess as to yesterday’s mystery tree sapling, the answer was… Sassafras tree!



If you took a close look at the picture, you probably noticed the three different leaf shapes, all of which belong to the same plant! There is the “football” shaped leaf with no lobes, the “mitten” shaped leaf with two lobes, and the “ghost” shaped leaf with three lobes. Did you find all three leaves?

Having a naturally sweet aroma, Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) was historically used as a tea, in soaps and perfume, and as flavoring for rootbeer, toothpaste, and even gum! It was used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes for a wide range of conditions, such as stomach troubles, nosebleeds, and heart problems.

Next time you’re taking a hike in the woods, see if you can identify a Sassafras tree.

Don’t forget to join in next time for Mystery Monday!