Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Spring Wildflowers

Come on out to some of our MetroParks and see the amazing spring wildflowers that are starting to bloom! Can you find a flower for every color of the rainbow? Color a picture of what you discover! Do you see any insects on these flowers? Draw them too! Can you identify what flowers and insects you've drawn?

Spring wildflowers are so important for our Ohio pollinators! After a long winter, our pollinators are very hungry, and these flowers are some of the first food sources to become available to them. Did you know that many flowers actually have an ultraviolet pattern on them? Humans can't see ultraviolet, but many bees can! These patterns help to attract bees and show them where the pollen is!

Wondering where some of the best spots to see wildflowers popping up are? Check out Rentschler Forest MetroPark, Reigart Road Area or Indian Creek MetroPark!