Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Strawberry Plants & Craft

Springtime is a very busy season for plants and animals in MetroParks of Butler County sites. Longer daylight hours, increased soil temperatures and precipitation encourages tremendous plant growth. Have you seen what is growing along the trails in the parks?

Plants are already starting to grow at Chrisholm Historic Farmstead. If we carefully lift the straw in the bed next to the Augspurger House you can see what is leafing out in our first picture. Check out photo 2 of what strawberry roots look like before we put them in the ground. Picture 3 has all in the supplies you need to make a simple strawberry plant necklace.

Send us a photo of you wearing it outside while enjoying springtime in the parks.

strawberry plant in straw
Strawberry tubers
strawberry necklace