Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Signs of Spring

It may not feel like it now, but spring really is just around the corner! Use your senses to watch for these tell-tale signs that the season really is changing. 

Watch for spring colors to return! Early bulbs, like crocuses, are sure to sprout and bloom soon, if they haven’t already done so. Take a close look at the branches on Silver Maple trees.  They are one of the first trees to sprout buds in the early spring. 


Take a deep breath in through your nose! The air after a spring rain has a distinctive smell. Lawns will be mowed soon, adding the scent of fresh cut grass to the air.  And fragrant spring wildflowers are another sign of the season.

Feel the spring breeze! Take a walk in the park without having to be bundled up in layers. Open your windows at home and in your car as you are out and about.

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Listen for this next welcome sign of Spring! When the ponds and wetlands thaw, the Spring Peepers will become quite vocal!  Just like their name says, their calls are a single high pitched “Peep.” The sounds of a lot of them together goes from one “peep” to a repetition of “peep, peep, peep, peep.” Take a walk at Indian Creek MetroPark just before dusk in mid-March or after and you will hear them for sure. Other sounds of Spring include owls hooting, woodpeckers drumming and songbirds, like the tufted titmouse.

Add the flavor of fresh spring greens to your meals!  Lettuce, spinach, and others will be abundant in backyard gardens & produce markets very soon.

What tell-tale signs have you seen so far this year?