Log Off... Shut Down... Get Outside!

Tell Tale Signs of Spring

MetroParks of Butler County has tell-tale signs of late spring everywhere in our parks. Whether it is morning, afternoon or evening...it is a good time to take a walk in the park.

Morning walks:
*Woodpeckers drumming on trees, setting up territories and building nest cavities for this year's brood. Try to find all the species of woodpeckers in picture #1 and let us know where you spied them.

Mid-day walks:
*Buzz buzz buzz of the busy bees. Many of our insects are active in the afternoons such as honey bees, ants and butterfly species such as the Mourning Cloak in picture #2. Ephemeral spring flowers are a food source for these insects along with the dandelions, so let them grow.

Evening walks:
*The Gray Tree Frogs have joined in choir in the evenings with the Spring Peepers. These amphibians can be found in woods with water nearby. Picture #3 a Gray Tree Frog from the MetroPark's Interpretive Native Program Animals.

What tell tale signs of Spring have you observed lately?

Woodpecker species
Gray Tree Frog