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Show & Tell on the Farm
Bird Beak Buffet

Welcome to Show & Tell on the Farm! Join us with the video below for lessons & activities you can do from home. Today's topic, Bird Beak Buffet, will highlight various birds and how their beaks allow them to hunt and eat plus meet one of the birds who lives at the Chrisholm MetroPark Historic Farmstead

Did you know ...

Birds beaks come in many shares & sizes. But do you know why? Learn more with the video and activities below!

The next virtual Show & Tell on the Farm: Migrate, Hibernate, Tolerate will be shared at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 1/14/2021.

The printable activities & supplies for today's topic include:

Bird Beak Buffet Station Cards

Bird Beak Buffet Coloring Page