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Show & Tell on the Farm
Migrate, Hibernate and Tolerate

Welcome to today's virtual Show & Tell on the Farm! Join us with the video below for lessons & activities you can do from home. Today's topic, Migrate, Hibernate and Tolerate covers the ways that different animals survive the cold winter months.

Did you know ...

When a wood frog hibernates, 65% of the water in their bodies freezes.  They may thaw and freeze a few times a season.  That's pretty extreme hibernation! Learn more about today's topic with the video and activities below!

The next virtual Show & Tell on the Farm: Let's Take a Spin will be shared at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 1/21/2021.

The printable activities & supplies needed for today's topics include:

Migration Game Instructions

Flowers - silk, plastic or ones you make from paper

Hibernation Song Lyrics

Toy animals - Bear, Frog, Snake, Bat or any you want to use

Hibernation Word Search

Pen, Pencil or Crayon