Stay Safe from Bitter Wind Chills Coming to Butler County on Wednesday, 1/30/19

Jan 29, 2019, 10:32 AM by Sarah Burkhart

Possibly record-setting frigid temperatures and bitter wind chills are expected to arrive in Butler County tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for the region on Wednesday and Thursday as temperatures are expected to dip below zero. These warnings are issued by the National Weather Service when wind chills are expected to reach 25 below zero or less with winds of at least 6 mph. The combination of cold temperatures and breezy conditions will lead to potentially dangerous wind chills, possibly as low as minus-30 degrees.

If coming to MetroParks during this cold snap, dress in warm layers in order to protect against frostbite and hypothermia, be cautious of slippery or icy surfaces, and limit the length of time and exposure spent in the elements.

In addition, the American Red Cross advises to make sure children and older people are safe during the cold snap, check on all family members and their pets, as well as, bring any pets or companion animals inside during winter weather and move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas and make sure their access to food and water is not blocked by snow drifts, ice, or other obstacles.