Tuesday 2/26/19 CLOSED - Stander Preserve

Feb 27, 2019, 10:55 AM by User Not Found
Based on the authority contained in Section 1545.09 20c of the Rules and Regulations of the MetroParks, in an effort to enhance public safety, protect park resources, and maintain good order, the entirety of the real property now known as Stander Preserve in Reily Towmship, Butler County, Ohio, is closed to the public effective February 26, 2019, and shall remain closed until further notice. See attached map for details of the closed area.

MetroParks staff, County, those other who are under the immediate supervision of the preceding, and all who are acting in pursuit of their official duties are exempt from the closure order and may be present within the closed area. Additionally, MetroParks volunteers performing specific duties authorized and approved by the MetroParks' Executive or Assistant Director are also exempt and may be present within the closed area.

Contact the MetroParks at info@YourMetroParks.net or by calling (513) 867-5835 for additional information.