3/5/19 Partial Closure of Butler-Warren Trail at Voice of America MetroPark

Mar 5, 2019, 16:20 PM by Sarah Burkhart
Based on the authority contained in Section 1545.09 20c of the Rules and Regulations of the MetroParks, in an effort to protect park resources, maintain good order, and promote safe enjoyment of park facilities, the section of the Butler-Warren Trail between the Lake Trail Junction and Athletic Complex Butler-Warren Entrance is closed to park visitors because of construction effective at dark on March 5,2019, until re-opened by order of the Executive Director. The expected duration of the closure is anticipated to be less than one week, but completion of construction and re-opening is weather dependent.

See attached map of area to be closed under this order.

Contact the MetroParks at info@YourMetroParks.net or by calling (513) 867-5835 for additional information.