Governor Bebb Vision Plan Adopted by Board of Park Commissioners

Jul 16, 2021, 11:55 AM by Becky Vanderpool

July 16, 2021

The Vision Plan for Governor Bebb MetroPark was adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners of MetroParks of Butler County at their regular public meeting on July 15, 2021.  The final version of the Vision Plan was the result of an extensive planning and public engagement process that lasted over a year and included three previous drafts, all of which were made available for public comment.  Over 350 comments were received, both online and in person, in response to the various draft plans.  MetroParks of Butler County would like to thank all those who provided comments or attended meetings during the Vision Planning process.

A MetroParks Vision Plan is a general depiction of potential park enhancements that serves as a guide for making decisions about future projects over a period of ten years or more.  It is used to communicate the future vision for the park to potential grant funders, sponsors, and the public.  The timing of when the enhancements shown on the plan are implemented depends on the availability of funding and how they are balanced with other MetroParks priorities.  In most cases, further studies or designs will be needed before work begins on a particular park enhancement project.

Images of the Vision Plan are included below, and full-size versions of the plans can be accessed using this link.

MetroParks is in the process of creating Vision Plans for all of its parks.  Plans for other MetroParks that have been adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners can be found here.