Wheelhouse Outdoor Area

In order to continue to provide access to our park customer/owners in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, changes to our typical methods of operation of the Wheelhouse Outdoor area are required for the 2020 Season for the safety of users of the facility and employees.  The small wooden building known as the Wheelhouse Outdoor Adventure Center will remain closed for the 2020 Season. 

MetroParks apologized for any inconvenience that is caused by these changes and thanks you for your patience.  

Details regarding fishing, bait, bikes, refreshments and hand carried Watercraft can be found below.

Wheelhouse Rates



Daily & Annual Permits

  • Until further notice Fishing Fees are being waived at the northern most lake near the Ronald Reagan Lodge, normally collected, are waived.  During this time fishing will be "Catch & Release Only"    

Fishing Equipment and Bait

  • Until further notice fishing poles, normally available for rental at The Wheelhouse and Bait normally available in vending machine in the Wheelhouse will not be available.

Bicycle Rentals

Adult and Youth

  • Until further notice Bicycles, normally rented at the Wheelhouse, will not be available for renta

Watercraft Rentals

  • Until further notice Watercraft Rentals, normally available at The Wheelhouse will not be available. 

Launch Your Own Watercraft

  • Until further notice, launch fees for hand carried Watercraft utilized in the northern most lake near the Ronald Reagan Lodge, normally collected will be waived.

Food & Beverage

Until further notice, Bottled beverages, ice cream novelties and bagged snacks normally available at the Wheelhouse will be unavailable.