Board of Park Commissioners

MetroParks of Butler County is a separate political subdivision of the state of Ohio. The Park District is governed by MetroParks Board of Park Commissioners, composed of three citizens who serve three-year terms without compensation. Board members are appointed by the presiding Judge of the Probate Court of Butler County. The current Board of Park Commissioners are:

Gregory T. Amend - President  

Daryl Nelson - Vice President

Cynamon Trokhan - Member


In Photo Below Left to Right:

Nelson, Trokhan, Amend

Commissioners Joint Photo - resized

Past Park Commissioners

  • Gilbert E. Condo, June 1955-December 1968
  • Charles W. Denny, Jr., June 1955-December 1957
  • Earl H. Thompson, June 1955-December 1958
  • William K. Robinson, January 1958-December 1969
  • Earnest A. Hively, January 1959-December 1961
  • M. David Urmston, January 1962-December 1964
  • Joseph P. Wespiser, III, January 1965-December 1972
  • George C. Cummins, January 1969-October 1979
  • John C. Dillon, January 1970-December 1975
  • Raymond D. Bourne, January 1973-June 1979
  • Bruce L. Peters, Jr, January 1976-December 1978
  • Robert E. Hagan, January 1979-December 1983
  • James A. Wespiser, July 1979-December 1988
  • David R. Eichel, November 1979-December 1986
  • William E. Rathman, January 1984-December 1989
  • Willis H. Harbaum, January 1987-December 1999
  • Carol F. Shrider, January 1988-December 1991
  • Leonard L. Robinson, January 1990-December 1992
  • Linda Sue Amend, January 1992-December 1997
  • Richard Slagle, January 1993-December 1995
  • Stanley D. Rullman, January 1996-December 2001
  • John M. O'Neill, January 2002-July 2006
  • Jacqueline R. Parrish, January 2000-July 2008
  • Kathleen L. Klink, August 2008-January 2010
  • Edward L. Dwyer, September 2006-June 2018

Current Board of Park Commissioners

  • Gregory T. Amend, January 1998-
  • Cynamon T. Trokhan, February 2010-
  • Daryl Nelson, June 2018-

Board of Park Commissioners

MetroParks Board of Park Commissioners are scheduled to meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month to conduct regular business.  Please note that the meeting dates and times are subject to change due to the need for a quorum of the all volunteer board.  The meeting date, time, and agenda are posted on the website in advance of the meeting.  

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Please note that the Board of Park Commissioners are presented the prior month's meeting minutes for approval at each meeting. The minutes that appear on this website were approved by the Board of Park Commissioners.