Bebb Natural Areas

Both hiking trails and Dry Fork Creek meander through a varied terrain of woodlands and meadows at Governor Bebb MetroPark. The park features around three miles of primitive trails and a one-mile out/back section of the Sycamore Grove Trail which is made from accessible compacted gravel. 

Parking for Governor Bebb's natural areas can be found close to the Howe Picnic Shelter and near the playground and new pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the park. 

Pedestrian Bridge and Sycamore Grove Trail

The NEW Dry Fork Creek pedestrian bridge and Sycamore Grove Trail opened in October 2023 which provides access to a previously closed portion of the park to visitors. 60 acres of greenspace, an 80-foot high bluff overlook and ruins of an old homestead can be found in this new portion of the park.

Dry Fork Creek Streambank Stabilization Project

Thanks to a $490,000 H2Ohio grant, the quickly eroding Dry Fork Creek streambank at Governor Bebb MetroPark was stabilized in late 2023. Stay tuned for a full update on this project coming in early 2024!