Our Mission & Philosophy

The mission of MetroParks of Butler County is to provide an exceptional park system that maximizes the community's quality of life through conservation, education, and recreation.

Operating Parameters

  • MetroParks facilities shall be clean, safe, and pleasant to visit.
  • Within its mission, the MetroParks strives to contribute to the economic prosperity of the Butler County area.
  • MetroParks shall endeavor to ensure that every resident of the park district is within a 15-minute drive to a MetroParks property, facility, or program. *
  • MetroParks shall:
    • Employ research to determine facility sustainability and market;
    • Engage partners to enhance customer experiences, parks, and facilities to improve/maintain a high quality of life.
  • MetroParks shall operate efficiently, transparently, and in compliance with federal and state law and regulation.
  • At least 80% of all MetroParks land holdings shall be managed as natural spaces to increase native plant and wildlife diversity.
  • Basic access to MetroParks greenspace and programs should be provided and maintained by public funding.
  • Special and limited access to MetroParks’ properties, facilities, and programs shall require user fees and/or be underwritten by sponsorship dollars.
  • In general, as a County-wide or regional greenspace provider, MetroParks shall manage land holdings in locations of 100 acres or more. **
  • MetroParks strives to provide high standards of comprehensive management including maintenance, programming, and safety patrol of the facilities and properties it manages.
  • In order to accomplish its mission, in accordance with its established operating parameters, and subject to available financial resources, MetroParks will share expertise and local public financial resources through collaborative management of park facilities and properties owned by units of government, not-for-profits, businesses, and individuals.

* Includes parks and/or facilities owned, operated, or assisted by the MetroParks.
** Special or unique natural, scenic, historic, recreational, or educational resources, properties, or facilities of smaller size may also be appropriate for MetroParks stewardship.