Great Miami River Trail

Whether you are a runner, walker, or bicyclist, The Great Miami River Trail (GMRT) has something for you!

The trail follows the Great Miami Riverway comprised of the Great Miami, Mad and Stillwater river system and is a recognized National Water Trail.

The GMRT is planned to run for approximately 86 miles from the City of Piqua in northern Miami County to the City of Fairfield in southern Butler County. However, the trail is not complete. The largest and most significant area still needing to be connected is an almost seven mile stretch of trail between the southern end of Middletown and the eastern edge of Rentschler Forest MetroPark.

Located at the southern boundary of Rentschler Forest MetroPark, 1.6 miles of trail was completed by the City of Hamilton which now connects Rentschler Forest to the City of Hamilton. An additional 0.6-miles of trail constructed by MetroParks opened in Rentschler Forest in 2022. This project is part of a plan to link the southern portion of the GMRT with northern part of the trail in Middletown.

Currently, MetroParks manages twelve miles of the GMRT in Middletown and Fairfield Township. 

While on the trail in Butler County, there are opportunities to explore the trail's neighboring communities, take in breathtaking river vistas and enjoy the outdoors. Currently, Rentschler Forest MetroPark includes shelters, restrooms, drinking fountains, and playgrounds. On the Northern Section, River Center in Middletown is available as a reprieve for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians alike. 

MetroParks Board of Park Commissioners have identified trails as a board priority in order that the trail as whole can facilitate recreational opportunities, economic development potential for connected communities, sources of alternate transportation, and more.