Gilmore Ponds MetroPark Boardwalk Capital Campaign

Help Us Reach Our Goal! 

In late 2023, MetroParks received a $150,000 grant from Clean Ohio Rec Trails to help replace the boardwalk at Gilmore Ponds MetroPark. The new boardwalk will upgrade a key link in the Wetlands Trail Loop and will provide more stable access through the park while minimizing disturbances to the forested wetland areas. 

MetroParks is launching a capital campaign to fundraise for the additional $115,000 required to complete the Gilmore Boardwalk project. We are $95,000 away from our goal! You can help make the new boardwalk a reality at Gilmore Ponds MetroPark. Donors can help contribute in a few ways: 

Make a donation to the Gilmore Ponds MetroPark Improvement Fund at the Fairfield Community Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation will help us improve this National Audubon Society Important Birding Area! Click here to donate or scan the QR code. Donors who contribute a one-time gift of $100 or more will receive an "On Gilmore Ponds" Charley Harper poster! 

Donate to MetroParks when you shop at Kroger! Visit the Kroger Community Rewards site and add MetroParks of Butler County (ID # LV812) to your shoppers card to ensure a percentage of each purchase you make comes back to MetroParks. 



Thank you for considering MetroParks of Butler County for your charitable giving! Questions about the Gilmore Ponds MetroPark Boardwalk Capital Campaign should be directed to MetroParks' Deputy Director, Chad Smith at (513) 867-5835 ext. 203 or at