Legacy Program 

Memorialize a loved one, celebrate a special anniversary or recognize an important person in your life with a bench or tree donation.

Past Donors

Click here to visit our past Legacy Donors page. Past donors can collect their tree plaques from the Voice of America MetroPark Welcome Center during their normal operating hours.


Benches are $2,500 each and are guaranteed for seven years. Benches include a paved bench pad and a plaque. 

Trees are $1,500 each and are guaranteed for five years. MetroParks does not offer plaques for trees or landscaping around the trees. 

Bench Locations

Click below to explore the available sites for new legacy benches. Sites are currently available at Voice of America MetroPark, Rentschler Forest MetroPark, the Meadow Ridge Area of Elk Creek MetroPark and the Timberman Ridge Area of Forest Run MetroPark. Found your spot? Click here to fill out your interest form

Tree Donations

Trees are planted twice a year around April and October. MetroParks guarantees all trees for five years, and will replace any trees that die within this timeframe at no cost. All trees are native hardwood species and help MetroParks' land conservation and reforestation efforts. Interested in making a tree donation? Fill out your interest form and you will be contacted about current donation locations.