Organizing Special Events at the MetroParks of Butler County

special event is a sports, recreational, cultural, business, or other type of activity occurring for a limited or fixed duration that impacts the MetroParks of Butler County by involving the use of MetroParks property, or having impact on the public realm which is not sponsored or co-sponsored by MetroParks of Butler County. Any organized pre-planned event that is projected to have a gathering of 50 or more people on the park grounds outside of the confines of a MetroParks reservable structure (building) and/or which features all or some of the following shall be considered a special event for the purposes of the Special Event policy: amplified sound; selling of food, merchandise, tickets, and/or services; the solicitation of donations; events open and/or advertised to the public; or events requiring special setup of stages, tents, tables, barricades or other items. If you are interested in hosting a Special Event, please see the Special Event Policy and the Special Event Fee Schedule. To request a Special Event, click here