MetroParks Now Hiring Goats!

Why Goats? Goats and Sheep are a great resource for managing invasive plant species. Putting goats to work helps eliminates the need for chemicals and herbicides. In addition, goats reduce the need for manual labor and they can reach areas that are tradition harder for humans to access. All of these efforts will greatly help improve park aesthetics. Plus, they are so much fun to watch!

These goats are provided through a partnership with Blended Brood Farms, an affiliate of Goats on the Go, a company geared to provide a natural solution to invasive plant management, and MetroParks is proud to be the first organization in Butler County to use goats for biodiversity!

We will be hosting a Meet the Goats program on Wednesday, June 14th from 6-8pm at 3010 Indian Creek Rd, close to Pioneer Church. Can't make it? No problem! Drop by and say hello to our new friends anytime. Just a friendly reminder to not feed them as they are already getting so much food naturally. Also make sure you are mindful of the electric fence marked on property.